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Turning baking passion to joy

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Turning baking passion to joy 

I am Any Gonzalez, Mexican lady now living in Töölö, Helsinki. 

My passion is baking, and I want to delight my customers with personalised treats suitable for their events.

What is important to me in my products is quality, in addition to an attractive appearance. Pastries should taste good and make the moment even more memorable.

Whether your party is a big family party or a small evening out with a group of friends, get in touch and together we will plan a delicious offering suitable for your event. Small-scale catering with, for example, Mexican delicacies is also possible through us.

Remember that you can also get products suitable for special diets from us, such as vegan, gluten-free and keto pastries!

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Address: Mechelininkatu 21, 00100 Helsinki

Phone: +358 50 31 33 281